Atsumi & Sakai's India Practice Group (IPG) effectively provides a wide range of legal services by leveraging a unique combination of expert Japanese lawyers and a Partner admitted in India and who was previously a Partner with the largest law firm in Mumbai, the business capital of India. This combination enables A&S to provide legal, tax, regulatory and human resource related services to listed and mid-cap Indian companies investing and operating in Japan as well as to Japanese companies investing in India.



Overseas investment by companies from Japan to India:

The IPG provides comprehensive legal assistance for various matters including incorporation of a company, drafting and negotiating M&A and Joint Venture contracts, business contracts and advising on regulatory matters and obtaining business licenses in India. Some of the unique points about A&S are:

(1) Conduct efficient negotiations with counter-parties in India in the local Indian languages and in a manner appropriate for Indian circumstances.

(2) Effectively assist and provide clear advice to Japanese companies regarding the development of their business in India based on a deep knowledge of the local market and business practices, which can be quite different from those prevalent in Japan.

(3) Utilize our extensive knowledge about Indian law firms and the lawyers within them and collaborate with the right experts depending upon the requirements of each matter.

(4) Assist in conducting background or reputation and credit check of Indian companies and sponsors (in a manner appropriate for Indian circumstances) by collaborating with local consulting firms.

The detailed IPG Flyer can be accessed here (in Japanese only).


Inbound investment to Japan by companies from India:

The IPG provides support to Indian listed multinational as well as mid-cap companies operating in Japan. Due to the inherent differences in working style and culture between Japan and India, the Indian companies can find it difficult to understand the legal, tax, regulatory and human resource regime in Japan. Some of the difficulties faced by Indian companies emanate from Japan’s employee-biased labor law regime.

The IPG helps Indian companies to smoothly develop their business in Japan by providing clear advice on the differences in the way of doing business between India and Japan, in a manner and language which the Indian companies can understand and with consideration to the practices which Indian companies are usually accustomed to. This enables them to navigate the market in Japan with considerable ease.



Seminars and Publications:

The IPG conducts various training sessions and seminars within India and Japan for the Japanese companies and their employees. These are conducted jointly with organizations such as the industry chambers of commerce in India and Japan. Please see related links below for some of the recent publications of the IPG.



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