"Overview of the Food Labeling Act"



The Food Labeling Act came into effect in April 2015. The Food Labeling Act unifies regulations pertaining to food labeling including the "Food Sanitation Act" aimed at ensuring food safety, the "Japanese Agricultural Standards" which determines quality standards, and the "Health Promotion Act" that aims to maintain health and prevent modern ailments. Its purpose is to ensure food consumption safety, as well as the role to ensure that consumers are given the opportunity to make food choices rationally and of their own accord.
The Food Labeling Act had not been fully enforceable as it was subject to transitional grace period until April 1, 2022, on which date the period of transitional grace period concluded, and the Food Labeling Act became fully effective. In other words, at present, all foods sold for consumer consumption are subject to labeling rules under the Food Labeling Act, and all businesses are required to comply to said rules. This newsletter explains the labeling rules under the Food Labeling Act, and measures taken against acts of improper labeling.
A&S's Food and Agriculture Practice Group advises on the rules pertaining to food labeling, and other related matters. Our Practice Group is willing to support any issues related to the food labeling regulations.


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