Electronic Payment Services (PFM, Accounting Services), Information Banks, and Use of Financial Information

Under the circumstances of unbundling financial functions, we provide electronic payment service providers with legal support on BaaS (Banking as a Service), Embedded Finance and utilization of bank-held data, including:

  • Advice on necessary and requisite financial licenses
  • Support for obtaining necessary licenses or registrations
  • Advice on new business after registration
  • Support for negotiations with banks, etc.
  • Analysis of industry regulations applicable to clients’ respective services that handle certain personal/customer information
  • Provision of service by using data held by banks, etc.
  • Business regulations
  • Data Protection
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • "Information banks"

We also provide support on (i) how to use financial/transaction information using EDI, based on our extensive experience and know-how through providing regulatory support to financial institutions and (ii) establishment of so-called "information banks" structure (building up an ecosystem for the utilization of personal data and/or customer data), from several applicable laws and regulations.

When advising foreign clients, our firm can field a team of expert Japanese lawyers and foreign lawyers who have relevant experience and bi-cultural sensitivity. Our team can do business and draft documents in Japanese, English, German, Mandarin, Hindi, Korean, and Marathi, and provides services around the clock through our global affiliated offices.


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