Seiro Shiota

Affiliates and Overseas Offices

Main Practices
A&S Tax and Accounting
Licensed Tax Accountant (2006)


Seijo University (Department of Business Administration, 2020)


Aoyama Partners Co. (Previously Aoyama Partners Accounting Firm)(September 2003-August 2007)
AGS Consulting Co., Ltd.(November 2007-October 2011)
Astraid Tax and Accounting Firm(November 2011-December 2019)
A&S Tax and Accounting (January 2020-)

* Provides advisory services, etc. at A&S Tax and Accounting(*) in cooperation with our Firm(**).

(*) Our Firm and A&S Tax and Accounting do not operate as a single entity. Further, no confidential information obtained in the course of services will be shared between the Firm and A&S Tax and Accounting without the consent of the client or as required by law.
(**) No consideration for the referral of clients between our Firm and A&S Tax and Accounting will be given or received. A&S Tax and Accounting does not broker legal services for the purpose of earning remuneration, and the Firm does neither compensate A&S Tax and Accounting for the referral of clients to the Firm nor share legal fees with A&S Tax and Accounting.