Japan (1993)

Bar Association

Daini Tokyo Bar Association


Keio University (LL.B., 1974)
Keio Law School, coursework completed without degree (1979)
Ph.D. in Law (Keio University, 1990)


Assistant Professor, Keio University (1981-1985)
Associate Professor, Keio University (1985-1990)
Professor, Keio University (1990-2014)
Visiting scholar, University of Michigan (1979-1980)
Visiting scholar, University of California, Berkley (1980-1981)
Visiting scholar, Faculty of Law, Thammasat University (1988)
Yamada Ozaki Law Office (1993-May 2017)
Professor emeritus, Keio University (2014-)


Committee member, Citizen Judge System Enforcement Promotion Center
Board Member (former chairman), NPO Institute of Digital Forensics
Refugee Examination Counselor
Round-table chairman, Matters Relating to Anti-Money Laundering Measures (National Police Agency)
Council of Experts, Countermeasures Against Cyber Attacks (The Center for Financial Industry Information Systems)
Board member, The Japan Road Traffic Information Center
Councilor, The Center for Financial Industry Information Systems
Academic advisor, the Asia Crime Prevention Foundation
Special adviser (former president), The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE Japan)
Development Committee Member, Basic Policy of Information Security (2nd Edition) of the National Center of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity
Chairman, Kawasaki City, Administrative Appeals Review Board
Member, Personal Information Protection Commission and the IT Strategic Headquarters, the Prime Minister of Japan and Cabinet
Committee member of “Academic Experts Committee for Open APIs in Financial Institutions,” The Center for Financial Industry Information Systems (FISC) (June 2018-October 2018)


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  • “Battle with the Unseen** - The Possibility of Tracing Clues Left Behind and Digital Forensics,” at the event entitled “14th Digital Forensic Community 2017 in Tokyo,” hosted by NPO Institute of Digital Forensics and Digital Forensic Community, 2017 Executive Committee Member, December 11 and 12
  • The 14th Information Security Culture Award (2018)
  • The 8th Telecommunications Advancement Foundation Award (Telecom Social Science Award) (1993)
  • Gijuku Prize (1992)