IT Systems and Services

Atsumi & Sakai’s intellectual property team is led by partners recognized by independent commentators as leading practitioners in the field.


IT systems and services are constantly evolving, as are the laws that regulate them, the technology and law being intertwined, so an understanding of both is essential for providing appropriate legal advice. We support both IT system service providers and users of all sizes, from large companies to startups, and both domestic and foreign by advising on matters such as:

  • Information security and data protection
  • Data security and privacy policies
  • Preparation of PoC agreements
  • System development agreements
  • System maintenance agreements
  • Terms of service
  • Privacy policies

When advising foreign clients, our firm can field a team of expert Japanese lawyers and foreign lawyers who have relevant experience and bi-cultural sensitivity. Our team can do business and draft documents in Japanese, English, German, Mandarin, Hindi, Korean, and Marathi, and provides services around the clock through our global affiliated offices.



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