Atsumi & Sakai has received high evaluation in the IFLR1000 2023

Atsumi & Sakai has been ranked in Tier 1 for "Capital markets: Structured finance and securitisation" and Tier 2 for "Banking", "Project finance", and "Project development", and highly ranked for "Capital markets: Equity", "Capital markets: Debt" and "M&A" in the IFLR1000 2023.


Also, 18 of our lawyers have been recognized in the following categories.


【Market leader】

Hiroo Atsumi, Partner

- Banking, Capital markets : Structured finance and securitization


【Highly regarded】

Yutaka Sakai, Partner

- Banking, Capital markets : Structured finance and securitisation, Project development, Project finance

Miho Niunoya, Partner

- Banking, M&A, Project development, Project finance

Ryuichi Nozaki, Partner

- Banking, Capital markets : Structured finance and securitisation

Yuri Suzuki, Partner

- Banking

Michiaki Hosoi, Partner

- Project finance

Takafumi Uematsu, Partner

- Capital markets : Structured finance and securitisation, M&A, Project development

Takafumi Ochiai, Partner

- Banking

Takeshi Takahashi, Partner

Project development, Project finance

Kenichi Tanizaki, Partner

Banking, Project finance

【Notable practitioner】

Akio Kawamura, Partner

- Corporate and M&A

Fumiko Oikawa, Partner

- Banking

Shuji Koyama, Partner

- Real estate acquisitions, Real estate finance

Shintaro Hamasu, Partner

- Banking, Project finance

Teruhisa Toyama, Partner

- Project development

【Rising star partner】

Akira Shimazaki, Partner

- Banking

Mayumi Hongo, Partner

- Project development, Project finance


【Rising star】

Youngseop Song*, Of Counsel

- Corporate and M&A

*Not Registered as a Foreign Lawyer in Japan