[Warning] Please beware of fraud impersonating Atsumi & Sakai or any lawyer at our Firm

We have received information that fraud has been committed by a person who identified himself/herself as a lawyer at our firm and demanded the payment of fraudulent bills, etc.  

If you have been contacted by a person claiming to represent our Firm or to be a lawyer of our Firm, and have no reason to expect such contact, please report to the police.  

Further, in such case, we would appreciate it if you could contact us at the following address for consultation.  


Atsumi & Sakai 
Tel: 03-5501-2111 (Main number) 
E-mail: info@aplaw.jp


* A person claiming to be a lawyer at Atsumi & Sakai made a request on social media for payment of an initial retainer fee for accepting a case related to losses due to fraud. Please be aware that our lawyers will never request money through social media.